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Sundara Kamala


Thai Bodywork

Rooted in Thai element theory, Traditional Thai Bodywork provides a holistic approach to the body, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our being. Techniques include Thai deep tissue, passive range of motion, stretching, and herbal therapies, as well as

the techniques of scraping and cupping.

Techniques are used to release bound tissue

and open movement in the body.


Herbal Therapies 

Compresses, liniments and balms, poultices

and plasters are created to support

bodywork practices. Herbal formulas are designed to balance the individual elemental needs of the client.  


Traditional Thai Bodywork techniques release bound tissue created by tension and stress enabling the body to

relax and open to movement.


Chronic and Acute Conditions

After visiting your health care provider concerning chronic and/or acute conditions, Traditional Thai Bodywork and herbalism complements your healing plan. 

about Dana

I have always been drawn to helping others. Whether it was working with seniors at an adult day care or working as a nursing assistant at a residential hospice. I loved both of these jobs; having direct contact with people - hearing their stories, learning from their experiences and observing the amazing human spirit that exists

in everyone. Every day at Sundara Kamala Bodywork, I take these experiences and

continue my quest to help people through

Traditional Thai bodywork.



When I am not in the studio, I am enjoying family time with my loving husband Brian, our incredible daughter, Mohini and cuddling our furry family, Casey, Spike, Elroy, and Thumper. I also enjoy walking around the lakes, watching sitcom reruns, reading and of course, studying

herbalism and bodywork.

We are earth. We are water.

We are fire. We are wind.

We are space.

We are not separate from the world and people around us. We are connected to our ancestors, teachers and all living beings.


I am drawn to the healing arts, for these very reasons. When we touch the physical we connect with the mental, emotional, and energetic parts of our being; healing in the present moment, we connect with the past and the future.


The healing arts should be made accessible to everyone; seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. Taking care of our bodies through bodywork, nutrition, movement and meditation (and much more!) is preventative health care.

Earth Water Fire Wind Space
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